Project Management


Project management is a type of management that manages a project. So, we need to know what is a project or we won’t be able to manage it. A project is basically a job to come up with a final product or a service or a result in a specific time interval.

Since, every job has never been a never ending one, there is a start time and a specific end time. A project is thus a job which needs to be completed within a particular time interval, and this interval is determined by a start time and an end time or commonly we call it dead line.

The time interval is determined based on the project nature and it can be short or long. The job is to come up with something done that is as said above a product or a service or a result. Therefore, a project is a job that needs to be completed within a specific time with a start and an end time during which a product or a service or a result is created.

Product means an end item itself or a component of another item that is manufactured or refined for sale.

Service is a capability to perform something or doing work for someone.

A result is an outcome of something or a document related to a research.


What is project management?

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In order for a project to be completed, we have to do the job and the job includes activities and requirements. We have to use our knowledge, skills, tools, and methods to do the activities in the project. We do it to meet the project requirements. There is a systematic way to do all of this.

In order to manage a project, first we need to know the requirements so identify them. Then, we need to find out and address the needs, concerns, and expectations of stakeholders. Then, project is planned and carried out. There are constraints in a project and we must know how to balance them during a project and it is an important aspect of project management. The constraints are scope, quality, schedule, budget, resources, and risk.

There are five process groups which include forty two management processes in a project management.

The five process groups are

  1. 1.initiating

  2. 2.planning

  3. 3.executing

  4. 4.controlling or monitoring

  5. 5.closing