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Management of conflicts

   Conflict management is so important because conflict can happen in the internal environment or external environment of an organization. The main source is the fact that different people think different ways. People stick to their own opinions first before anyone’s else and it is natural. People do not change their view unless someone can either convince them other available opinions and provide proof of reliability better than that of theirs.

    As we have learned, there are good conflicts and bad conflicts. Here, let’s give a term to good conflicts, those that we simulate in an organization, the productive conflicts. These good productive conflicts are needed in the organization to prevent internal politics. The productive conflicts are properly managed to improve the products, business processes, services, manpower, workforce, and people.

    Counterproductive conflicts, bad conflicts, occur when people in the organization behave in ways that work against the interests of the overall organization. Productive conflicts occur when employees on good intentions disagree while doing what works best for the organization. Sometimes, we need to work a little harder to see between these two types of conflicts. Some management would describe the good conflicts with bad conflicts and make mistake in terminating good people. Sometimes, management get confused and take bad conflicts as good ones and retain wrong employees in the organization.

    How do we differentiate between good and bad? Think about the consequences and results due to a particular conflict. Decide whether a conflict leads to discussion, and arguments but the goal for doing all this is to find the best solution. This type of conflict is good. If a conflict leads to discussion and arguments with goals of personal, group, or departmental interest or any interest that will separate organization as a whole is a bad. This is because it will create an instability among the employees or departments. What are the indications of bad conflicts. All characteristics of internal politics that are activities within an organization aimed at improving someone’s or a group’s status or position and are typically considered to be devious or divisive. This type of bad conflict is most of the time deceitful, vindictive, and with personal rancor.

    You do not identify an organization individually or by parts. You must identify organization as one entity as a whole.

    How do we manage internal politics, the bad conflicts? We have to make it difficult for internal politics to be practiced in the organization. Conflict management is the tool to do this.

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