Leadership is both an art and a science,  it’s an intangible concept.  However, it produces tangible  results. The  characteristics of good leadership are; high levels of productivity, positive attitude, commitment, efficient use of resources, quality, support, and can do attitude. A leader knows the job, trains the employees,  and coaches  them on the job.  Leaders carefully build the team, nurture them and improve their quality continuously.

A lot of the people understand leadership in many different ways.  Actually, leadership is the ability to inspire the people to accomplish  a goal toward a mission.  Leaders  usually inspire the people to something bigger than themselves.  They do so using the techniques given below.

  1. 1. Leaders help the employees see the vision on the organization

  2. 2. They provide the employees a sense of direction

  3. 3. They communicate the employees effectively and often

  4. 4. They empower the employees and give them ownership of the job

  5. 5. They train and mentor their teams

  6. 6. They continuously seek the improvements

  7. 7. They take responsibility,  do the best, and protect the team

Leaders can be differentiated into task oriented leaders, people oriented leaders, and task and people oriented leaders. Good leaders share common characteristics.  That characteristics of good leaders are;

  1. 1. a balanced commitment

  2. 2. positive attitude

  3. 3. effective communication skills

  4. 4. positive influence

  5. 5. high level of persuasiveness

People  who say “do as I say not as I do” are not effective leaders.  Leaders must be willing to do what they expect of the employees to do.  Leaders must know the job, do the job better, do it right, and do it so consistently to inspire the employees they are about to train or lead.  People who drive the other people to do something without knowing the job are not leaders.  In fact they are opportunists to take advantage on the efforts of others.  People who lead the team without actually knowing the task are fake and rather dangerous.

Good leaders are effective communicators. They are willing, they are patient, and they are skilled listeners.  They can communicate their ideas clearly and they can influence people in a positive way.  Influence is good when it can move people toward a positive goal.  Influence is bad  when it moves people toward a negative goal.  good leaders stay with the team regardless of the outcome. Good leaders stay with the team when the team produces good or bad outcomes. Bad leaders stay with the team when team produces a good outcome and extract their selves from the team when the results come out bad.  Good leaders are consistent and do the best regardless of with or without the team.  Bad leaders are not   consistent, they are changeable depending on the outcomes of the team. Bad leaders do good only when they are involved in the team,  always take credits for the good work, and they do not do anything good for the team or do minimum when they’re not involved in the team or when credits go to the team or a particular individual on the team.


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