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   DNA Pot is a profit organization established in 2009. The organization structure is projectized with products and services manufactured from project to project. This organization is developed by students. Our home University is Southern Polytechnic State University and our group has initiated on this very campus.

    The mission of our organization is to provide reliable information in Science, Mathematics, and Technology. The vision of our organization is to provide information on Science, Mathematics, and Technology to public around the world.

    We believe education should be free until the end of four year college to each citizen. The reality contradicts our belief. We can’t wait the Government reforms the system of education, we will do our best to provide education to the public free. We hope our site will help you learn as much as students on campus learn materials in different subject areas. It is a burden to students and parents to buy education at high prices. Those who cannot afford tutoring can consult our site. YouTube is there for you to study at your convenience. Each concept in each subject area are given in a short clip on YouTube. Use the playlist to study from concept to concept. Some of our books will be on iTunes and other sites.

    There are some organizations online pretending to be us. Our YouTube Channel is DNAPotInc. Our websites are main site at dnapot.com, organization at dnapot.org, and network at dnapot.net. All other sites are not affiliates with our company.

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